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Paydece is a decentralized platform that allows users to exchange goods, products, services or assets using smart contracts to secure the transaction and cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Cryptoassets are held in a smart contract until the parties validate that the transaction has been successfully completed.

Paydece offers an easy and secure P2P exchange solution without intermediaries, by using and implementing Blockchain technology through smart contracts:

✅ No time or geographical barriers.

✅ No KYC.

✅ No minimum or maximum limits.

✅ Uncensored.

Currently Paydece provides two types of products using the Rootstock network: P2P Trading and Escrow.

Here are the instructions on how to use each of them:

P2P Trading

1. The parties meet through Paydece's channel on Telegram, where a bot receives buy and sell orders for the exchange of cryptoassets to FIAT or vice versa.

2. If there is a party interested in an order, they agree on the conditions privately.

2. The buyers log in with his wallet to the Paydece platform and generates an invoice by filling out the purchase order card and sends it to the seller.

3. The seller opens the order in his browser and connects his wallet. Add the transaction to his dashboard and approve it so that the funds can be sent in escrow to the smart contract.

4. Once the funds are in escrow, the buyer sends the funds in FIAT to the seller on the previously agreed terms and notifies the payment.

5. The seller validates the receipt of FIAT funds and releases the cryptoassets in escrow.

6. The cryptocurrencies arrive directly to the buyer's wallet.


1. The parties agree to use paydece escrow as a means of exchange for the good, product or service they wish to exchange.

2. The seller log in with his wallet to the Paydece platform and generates an invoice by filling out the sales card and sends it to the buyer.

3. The buyer sends the cryptocurrencies to the smart contract. The funds remain in the custody of the smart contract (no third party intervention).

4. The seller transfers the good, sends the product or performs the service and validates.

5. The buyer validates the satisfactory receipt of the good, product or service.

6. The cryptocurrencies arrive directly to the seller's wallet.

The only requirement is to have a self-custody wallet to start operating. You can use any of these wallets listed here.

Currently the following tokens that live on the Rootstock network are supported by Paydece:







No, there are no minimum or maximum limits in order to operate with Paydece.

Paydece is not restricted to any geographic area or region. Anyone from any country can operate on the platform.

Yes, you can integrate your community within Paydece, validating each member, enforcing your rules, mission, vision and identity. In order to do so, go to the Communities section of your Paydece's dashboard and click on I want to create my community.

The smart contract used by Paydece charges a fee per transaction made that varies in the range of 0.1% of the total up to 1%. You always will see the fees applied in the details of each order.

Any of the parties involved in the transaction can initiate a claim. The wallet that created the invoice and the wallet that sent the funds to the smart contract will be part of the transaction and may initiate a claim.

For more information about claims and dispute resolution on Paydece's platform, check the Paydece's Arbitration Policy in this link.

The Paydece smart contract was audited by to grant security and transparency to users. The final score was 9.5/10. Read more about the report here.

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