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Multichain (previuosly Anyswap) is a cross-chain router protocol (CRP) that supports cross-chain interoperability of tokens, NFTs, and general data across multiple chains. It allows assets to be transferred between multiple chains.

Access to the Multichain App here:

You will need to have a Browser or Mobile wallet compatible with the RSK network.

For Browser wallets, suggested are Liquality or Metamask. They work as an extension on your browser.

For Mobile wallets, suggested are Defiant, D’Cent, and Math. Just get the chosen one from the store of your smartphone, install it and set it up. Then you can connect your wallet using WalletConnect, which is an open protocol for connecting Dapps to mobile Wallets using end-to-end encryption by scanning a QR code.

NOTE: Always remember to set a password for wallet and keep a backup copy of your recovery phrase in a safe place. Never share it with anyone.

Since the list of RSK tokens supported by Multichain is dynamic, it is necessary to check them in this link by filtering with the RSK tag.

Yes. There is a minimum and maximum amount per transaction. The Multichain app will show you a "Reminder" section with the updated minimum and maximum amounts for each of the tokens.

Min and Max amounts

The crossing fee will depend on the token involved. The Multichain app will display a "Reminder" section with information about the fee to be paid for each of the tokens.


The estimated arrival time of the cross chain is 10 to 30 minutes, but for large amounts it can take up to 12 hours. Check the "Reminder" section to see what amount is considered a large quantity.


It is possible to check the status of a cross chain transaction from the Multichain Explorer. In case the cross chain transaction is not found in the Multichain explorer, there is a search tool for a more precise search. The Tx Hash will be needed.

For Multichain related issues reach out:

Multichain Support