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Latamex is an exchange gateway solution designed to increase the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Latin America by reducing the insecurity and complexity that users normally feel when buying and selling crypto. Latamex's exchange gateway allows partners and users to enter the Latin American crypto market quickly, safely and easily.

Latamex's exchange gateway service offers to their partners the following features:

✅ On & Off ramp services, allowing users to buy and sell crypto with local currency such as ARS or BRL currency.

✅ Add the main stablecoins of Latam: ARST and BRLT.

✅ Card issuance of physical Visa or Mastercard cards customized.

✅ An API, allowing access to the Latamex's payment flow technology while maintaining full control of the UI.

✅ Latamex Widget with no technical resources needed. Through an embedded HTML snippet, Latamex handles the checkout flow and the entire user experience.

✅ Latamex Checkout, allowing to keep a custom UI and connecting the last steps of the transaction to the Latamex platform (including the KYC procedure).

✅ Latamex work to support the most countries, fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, and payment methods in Latin America.

✅ KYC procedure to comply with local law.

Currently, the following Rootstock tokens can be bought directly through Latamex:



Check out the complete list of blockchain networks supported by Latamex.

Currently, Latamex supports the following fiat currencies:

🇦🇷 ARS (Argentine Peso)

🇧🇷 BRL (Brazilian Real)

🇲🇽 MXN (Mexican Peso)

- 🇦🇷 Argentina:

250,000.00 ARS per day.

1,000,000.00 ARS per year.

- 🇧🇷 Brasil:

10,000.00 BRL per day.

25,000.00 BRL per month.

- 🇲🇽 Mexico:

12,500.00 MXN per day.

50,000.00 MXN per semester.

Note: Latamex may request in any case additional proof of income to process an order.

For more information about limits check this link.

At the moment Latamex only supports bank transfers. Payments via bank transfer must be issued from an account under the same name as the one under which the identity verification was completed. Payments from other account holders' accounts will be rejected and returned to the account of origin minus administrative fees.

- 🇦🇷 Argentina:

Buy: Cost per bank transfer: 1.5%

Sell: Cost per bank transfer: 1.5%

- 🇧🇷 Brasil:

Buy: Cost per bank transfer: 1%

Sell: Cost per bank transfer: 1%

- 🇲🇽 Mexico:

Buy: Cost per bank transfer: 1%

Sell: Cost per bank transfer: 1%

Note: For purchases of cryptocurrencies and tokens, a fixed fee corresponding to the network's GAS must be paid.

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