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Bulla Network is an on-chain credit protocol that helps unlock crypto commerce, allowing users to create and pay invoices in an entirely decentralized way.

Their bankless Web3 accounting protocol helps DAOs, companies, and individuals send invoices and payments, and manage business and personal accounts all on-chain.

Bulla Network is a product of ArkiToken, a Denver, CO, and Zurich, Switzerland-based developers committed to a decentralized, bankless future.

Bulla Protocol is a protocol where users can "commit" to sending or receiving future payments. Bulla express these commitments in using the trad-fi (traditional finance) concept of a claim. A claim is an expression of credit between two parties and contains crucial information concerning how the payment will be settled in the future.

If two parties want to manage credit between one another, they can use the Bulla Protocol to mint a claim to express this credit. We refer to these as Bulla Claims. In terms of the Bulla Protocol, each claim is minted to the creditor as an NFT.

A Bulla Claim NFT expresses an important duality which is novel to shared ledgers: my credit is your debt. Not only is it a facilitator and record keeper for transaction history, but also expresses transactions that are likely to happen in the future, a quasi: "future history blockchain".

Blockchains and the Bulla protocol allows for a completely new paradigm in finance: a creditor and debtor face each other directly, instead of both facing a bank, or some intermediary.

BullaBanker is a permissionless dashboard-style DApp that allows users to create, send, manage and settle claims.

BullaBanker's use-case is to facilitate on-chain commerce:

✅ A permissionless, fully-decentralized, and anonymous (KYC-less) payment system.

✅ A way for both parties to account for future ERC20 payments.

✅ An easily aggregatable, immutable, and descriptive record of payments.

1. To use Bulla Network, you need a non-custodial wallet (e.g. Liquality, Enkrypt, MetaMask or any mobile wallet compatible with WalletConnect).

2. Open the BullaBanker Dapp and connect your wallet.

3. You will access the dashboard, where you will be able to view and manage all your transactions.

Bulla Banker Dashboard

4. Click the 'Create New' button to invoice another party. Paste the other party’s wallet address in the Recipient’s Address box and select which ERC-20 token you would like to be paid in.

5. Continue to fill out the rest of the form, including a description of the transaction and due date.

Watch this demo video with the complete steps to use BullaBanker

The only requirement is to have a self-custody wallet to start operating. You can use any of these wallets listed here.

Currently the following ERC-20 tokens that live on the Rootstock network are supported by Bulla Network:

  • RDOC
  • DOC
  • XUSD
  • SOV
  • BRZ

For Bulla Network related inquiries, reach out: