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Buenbit is a platform to send, receive, swap, buy, sell and invest your cryptocurrencies. The Buenbit app is available for Android or iOS devices.

Buenbit currently operates only in 🇦🇷 Argentina, 🇵🇪 Peru and 🇲🇽 Mexico.

Buenbit app offers these features in one place:

✅ Deposit fiat money by bank transfer, instantly.

✅ Deposits and withdrawals of cryptoassets without commissions.

✅ Buy and sell the main cryptocurrencies with your fiat money or stablecoins.

✅ Invest your crypto assets with daily returns and with the freedom to withdraw your investment whenever you want.

✅ Withdraw fiat money to your bank account instantly and without commissions.

✅ Access an international Mastercard prepaid card and pay wherever you want.

✅ Cash back in cryptocurrencies for every payment made with the Buenbit card.

Buenbit has no added cost in any of its operations:

- Opening, verifying and maintaining your account is 100% free.

- Depositing fiat money or cryptocurrencies is also free of charge.

- Activating, using and maintaining your international Mastercard prepaid card is 100% free.

- When withdrawing your cryptocurrencies you will only have to pay the gas of the corresponding blockchain network. That fee (gas) is not for Buenbit but for the corresponding network.

There are no limits for transactions only involving cryptocurrencies.

Deposits and purchase and sale transactions involving fiat money are subject to a transaction limit. Please contact the Buenbit help desk for full details of these limits.

Currently, the following Rootstock cryptoassets are available on Buenbit:







Yes. Buenbit provides an exchange feature that can be found within the application.

Yes. Buenbit allows you to register one RNS domain for free. Follow this guide to do it.

Buenbit does not charge fees for transactions with its wallet. There are no commissions added for trading on Buenbit, all prices are final. However, users will need to pay transaction cost fees (gas), which are charged by the network. In each blockchain there is a particular currency with which the transaction cost is paid, the native currency of that network. On the Ethereum network it is ETH, on the Rootstock network it is RBTC, on Binance Smart Chain it is BNB, etc.

Yes, Buenbit issues an international Mastercard prepaid physical card. There is a waiting list to sign up to get one. While waiting, you can use the virtual card.

For Buenbit's related issues, reach out: