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Binance is the largest centralized crypto exchange by trade volume and number of users. This exchange offers cryptocurrency trading, futures, P2P for cryptocurrency buying/selling, NFT Marketplace, among other features.

In Binance you will be able to:

- Cryptocurrency trading

- P2P market

- NFT Marketplace

- Futures

- Earn rewards from providing liquidity

You can access the Binance platform from:

To enter the platform you will need to create an account to get a Binance wallet. For some operations, you will have to verify your identity by completing an identity verification process.

Since Binance has their own wallet, you will need to create an account to generate it. Then you can access your wallet by the Binance mobile app, desktop app, or web app.

IMPORTANT: Remember that Binance is a centralized platform and the wallet provided is a custodial cryptocurrency wallet type. This means that a third party holds and manages your private keys on your behalf. In other words, you will not have full control over your funds or the ability to sign transactions.

No. RBTC is not listed on Binance.

Yes. RIF token is listed on Binance with two pairs available (RIF/BTC and RIF/USDT).

It is a well known issue that Binance is not accepting tokens that have been sent by a smart contract (RSK Token Bridge for instance). It is recommended to use a personal address (EOA) to interact with a smart contract, and then make the deposit to the Binance wallet.

For Binance’s related issues reach out: