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2 Way Peg App

The 2 Way Peg application is a tool to convert BTC to RBTC in a more user-friendly way.

2 way peg app (peg-in)

For more details visit the official documentation.

Currently, only peg-in (BTC to RBTC) operations can be done through the app. It is in the plans to add peg-out (RBTC to BTC) operations in the near future.

Yes, for Mainnet and Testnet there is a minimum of 0.005 BTC.

Yes, for Mainnet and Testnet there is a maximum of 0.5 BTC per transaction.

Right now, the only allowed wallets to interact with the app are: Liquality, Ledger and Trezor.

Yes, for Ledger, Segwit compatible and Legacy addresses; for Trezor, Segwit compatible, Legacy and Segwit Native addresses.

The New version of the app, that will be available soon: will also include segwit native for ledger.

For Testnet: 10 confirmations are needed.

For Mainnet: 100 confirmations are needed. 20 minutes are estimated for the transaction to be registered.

The refund BTC Address is an automatically generated Legacy type address derived from the user's device that is only used to recover the funds if the RSK’s 2WP Locking Cap hits the max value during the transaction. In that case, the funds can be recovered through this address.

Unfortunately, you cannot choose the address that will be used as the refund BTC address. This address is an automatically generated Legacy type address.

There is an almost zero chance of the Locking Cap hitting the max value during the transaction. The precautionary measure of setting a refund address is to virtually make it as safe as possible for peg-ins. However, it is estimated that this will never happen. On the off chance it does, the funds are returned by accessing the refund address.

The "Back" button is disabled from the flow due to some wallet constrictions. If a mistake has been made, the operation will need to be restarted.

You will need to restart the process from the beginning.

There is a limit to the number of addresses the app will extract, up to 6 in Ledger and 10 in Trezor. Thus, there is a chance you see less value in your wallet than what you actually have since you will only see the addresses that are extracted.

You can transfer the funds to the addresses available. We are working on an instruction manual to help with this process.

Make sure you are accessing the app from a compatible browser. Currently, the app only works from a desktop Chrome and Brave browsers.

Currently, the app only works with the following desktop web browser: Chrome and Brave.

Unfortunately the app is only available on web and compatible with desktop web browser.