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Step 3

Here are some quick solutions.

You can enroll to the Rootstocker User Course here for free.

This course is available for free. To perform some of the tasks in this course, and follow along with the demonstrations, you will need to obtain RBTC. This is of course necessary as it is with all blockchain technology.

See what is RBTC and how to get it

No, this course is entirely self paced, and materials are available on demand.

- A basic understanding of blockchain fundamentals.

- This course is focused on enabling the student to go from knowing what blockchain is to using blockchain in a practical way.

- It's free!

- You will receive a completion certificate at the end of the course.

- You will acquire knowledge of key concepts in the blockchain and crypto space.

- If successfully completed, and accepted as an Ambassador, you will be incentivised for your contribution to the program.

There is no time limit for course completion, you can decide to continue the course when you are chanced. Only those who complete the course will be awarded a course completion certificate and will stand a chance of becoming an RSK Ambassador.

The course has no time limit, materials are available without time limits as well.

After successfully completing the course and obtaining a certificate of completion, you can apply for the Rootstockers Program. Find below a brief about the program.

The Program is a community empowerment initiative, designed to incentivize and develop community leadership among RSK blockchain. The program carries the spirit of decentralization throughout the ecosystem. Ambassadors will be incentivised to help the global RSK community to grow. The RSK Ambassador program’s goal is to strengthen and grow the RSK ecosystem. Its purpose is to encourage, reward and recognize meaningful contributions by community members. It is aimed at generating RSK platforms awareness and adoption throughout the world.

Apply for this program here

Explainer Video:

- They are more theoretical concepts.

- They are just presentation.

Lab Video:

- They are practical concepts.

- They demonstrate how to implement a concept.

Go to the open RSK community slack, and ask questions on the #rsk-user-course channel.